Product Engineering Services


Outsourcing product development process is a common practice among the dynamic and proactive companies to remain competitive in global competition while achieving the following goals:

  • Reduced product cost
  • Cutting the payback period
  • Utilizing the readymade expertise of other product development consultants
  • Compete with the rapid technology advancement
  • Maximizing profit as well as market share
  • We are proud to say that we have got some prominent software players as our clients who outsourced their product development processes in order to remain productive in the cut throat technical market while developing high-tech innovations.

Sun-IT’s expertise:

  • Conceptualization & Development – To help identify a suitable technology and platform for your product idea and convert them into reality.
  • Localization – To adjust the product so that it can successfully survive in a non-native market.
  • Customization & Implementation – Implement the product and then further customization based on end-users experiences, in order to address all the requirements.
  • Migration & Porting – Migrate your existing product to a new platform/technology to support increasing customer demands.
  • Enhancements – Continuing support and maintenance services for new, expanding and retiring product lines to help our clients to retain their clients

We deliver high-quality flexible products that are robust, scalable, reliable, secure and at the same time easy to deploy, simple to maintain and modular to alleviate further enhancements.

Secret to Success:

We follow metrics driven process that covers performance target setting, performance improvement and progress measurement.

We have a comprehensive team approach that gives complete visibility to our clients towards all the phases of SDLC

We believe in following ‘SMART’ goals that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Boxed.

We leverage numerous tools, models and methods to focus on making the design effortless and support defect tracking, log estimates and progress tracking against the Iteration goals while ensuring that we build cutting edge applications to meet clients’ needs.

Our transparent approach towards continuous communication and collaboration ensures our clients about the process flows and project status after every iteration.

We adopt Industry best practices towards application development which ensures quality delivery and maximizes client’s ROI.