Modern Apps Strategy and Assessment


An Impactful Roadmap for Successful App Modernization

While modernizing your business applications, there might be many questions that might hamper your digital transformation journey. Questions such as which technology to use, how to reduce the technical debt, and how to ensure that your app will keep pace with the industry often bother your company’s stakeholders.

Sun IT Solutions provide a unique application modernization strategy and roadmap that help our clients to modernize their existing business apps smoothly.


Changing business scenario, evolving technologies, and rapidly changing customer preferences demands a strong strategy and roadmap for better business outcomes. Sun IT Solutions provide a detailed roadmap and an assessment and strategy document containing:

  •  Current State
  •  Future State
  •  Roadmap
  •  Implementation Approach
  •  Implementation Plan
  •  Implementation & Other Cost Estimates

IT Benefits

  • Identify Opportunities for Cost Optimisation
  • Know How to Reduce Technical Debt
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Improve Scalability & Performance

Business Benefits

  • Improve Business Agility
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Improve Customer Experience