Doctor Appointment (SIDAS)

Sun-IT’s Doctor Appointment System (SIDAS) is an online appointment system that provides registered users the freedom to search for a medical care facility and make appointments over the internet. This solution will be integrated with website for wider reach.

SIDAS- the Doctor Appointment System allows patients to look for a medical care facility or a doctor nearby on the basis of the search preferences such as a Language, Area, Specialty, Ailment or Insurance type. Patients would be able to instantly find out the list of doctors or facilities nearby, who accept their insurance plan. OR, if a patient has a language preference, they can search a doctor who can communicate in a certain language and could be of assistance to the patient. It provides a real time view of appointments that are available and unavailable.

This solution is available in both web-based and mobile-based platforms. Other benefits of this system are quicker medical attention through availability of online documentation system that allows patients to complete the required paperwork prior to their appointment.

Informational needs across industries are dependent on real time data that constitutes the backbone of any business. website provides secure, high-volume, real-time and bi-directional data integration and transformation between applications that store data in relational databases. The Solution supports a wide range of databases.

The well laid out Doctor Appointment process adds value by allowing it to control the operating overheads to a great extent, increase productivity, significantly reduce response times, and gain competitive advantage.

The solution will be developed using industry standard C++, J2EE Development Environments, EAI platforms & middleware like IBM MQ Series, BEA Weblogic coupled with host of communication & data protocols to run businesses in a seamless manner and achieve enterprise level data integration. The database and data warehouse for the application is designed in MS SQL SERVER 2008R2.

SIDAS is based on fourth generation technologies with emphasis on object based approach and data synchronization with relational databases.

It supports industry standards for the management and exchange of data, and excels in its ability to handle multiple concurrent object oriented data models with support for multiple inheritances, multiple classifications and a dynamic schema.

The products’ dynamic schema let changes made to existing data models and for new ones to be added while the system is running – it allows the system to evolve as user and business requirements change.

Using Doctor Appointment System, corporate data consolidation solution provides unique ability to:

  • Provide full information quality, information integration and information matching Solution
  • Handle multiple sources
  • Access a live source of cleansed and consolidated data which is made available on-Demand in real-time
  • Utilize an evolutionary approach where data can be migrated instantly rather than having to be “sorted” all-at-once

This solution is very much required as no medical organization has all of its data in one place or in one format – even small medical facilities usually run multiple systems; old and new, large and small, from PC applications to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Often these systems will be run on different software products and platforms, with the data in different formats and with the information overlapping or duplicated.

Application Features:

Any Application that synchronizes the data between two different entities (Users) would follow certain pre-defined rules on which master data copy to update depending in the usage of the application and its usage.

The current data synchronization product from Sun-IT Solutions, Doctor Appointment System is meant by providing the following features to the end user in the medical domain.

Search features:

  • Search according to location for the available doctors
  • Search by language preference
  • Search by specialty according to ailment
  • Search by insurance type
  • Search with the guided user interface according to part of the body ailment

Booking and view features:

  • Selection of doctor from the above search criteria
  • View the available appointments for a selected doctor
  • Confirm the appointment for the available date and time

This broadly consists of two kinds of tasks, one is administrative and other is user aimed. Administrative tasks include adding the new hospitals and doctors that would be covered as part of newly provided services. User aimed tasks are to keep improving and increasing the audience by means of constructive feedback and continuous expansion to the offered services.