Envision Your DevOps and Infrastructure Automation With Our Proven Practices

In today’s digital era, a perfect balance between operations and development is highly essential. The synergy between the two creates an ideal roadmap for business to achieve their goals

Our Offerings

DevOps Automation:
Building a flexible and agile environment using DevOps solutions for enterprises looking for streamlined processes and high-performance software and faster time to market. Our DevOps services span the application life cycle from customer-facing to enterprise-level products.

Infrastructure Automation:
Sun IT Solutions offers state-of-the-art infrastructure automation services, ensuring the feasibility, resource utilization & IT operations of the infrastructure.

IT Benefits

  • Branching & Merging Turn Around Time
  • Code Review Turnaround Time
  • Build & Artifacts Packaging
  • Deployment Time
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Application Release Cycle Time
  • Build Verification Turnaround Time

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate Time to Market
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Business – IT Structure
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduction in IT Cost
  • Environment Stability, Availability, and Reliability