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Managed Services
In today’s hi-tech arena, managing complex information technology infrastructure while achieving performance, security and lower cost is a challenge for any business.
Sun-IT’s Managed Services team is well versed in evolving technologies to deliver, manage & safeguard multifaceted IT infrastructure of the clients so that they can increase their operational efficiency and achieve better ROI.
Sun-IT’s expertise:
Sun-IT’s Infrastructure Support services remotely and efficiently manages your IT infrastructure and thus releasing your limited IT resources to focus on other core applications.
We take a proactive approach ensuring that the IT infrastructure powering your organization is available and performing. Using proven processes, we simplify and improve cost management associated with supporting a high-impact IT infrastructure.
We use consistent processes throughout the world, so all your locations experience the same high-quality support. And, we work with you to set service level objectives and deliver based on those parameters – every time.
Our experts have first-hand knowledge of technology and work closely with customers and other product groups to remain current on advancements.
We offer a comprehensive suite of services that support global consistency and enhanced system availability enabling companies to keep their IT infrastructure and core business-critical applications running 24×7.
Our infrastructure software technologies and high-quality Infrastructure Support Services to help your organization accomplish your business objectives – with unprecedented performance and quickness.
Our Managed Services through Service Level Agreement (SLA) engagements include following set of solutions:
•  Product support help desk
•  Help desk services
•  On-site desktop support
•  Customized services for network and server management
•  Customized design and consulting services for best practices in infrastructure management
•  Project based services
        Asset Inventory
        Enterprise software or equipment upgrades
        Equipment staging and installation as a result of a major move or expansion

•  Email and Web Server Administration
•  Backup Management
•  Security and Identity Management
Secret to Success
Sun-IT’s methodology for Infrastructure Support Services fully supports the service offerings and product development activities of the company. It provides the framework, methods, techniques and tools for managing project engagements.
Sun-IT’s approach is focused on evolving processes rather than concentrating exclusively on the technical know-how.
Sun-IT believes that this strategy involving people, business, and technology plays a crucial role in delivering high impact solutions, which favourably influences an organization’s market competitiveness.
The approach is all about:
•  Achieving superior customer satisfaction by transforming technology to suit a specific business.
•  Focusing on the best practices from all facets of the Systems Development Life Cycle.
•  Recognizing the demands of the market place, which compel organizations to engage, and continuously innovate in order to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction.
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